Awards Ceremony
Cocktail Reception

4th International Green & Smart Shipping Awards 2019

The Green & Smart Shipping Awards 2019 celebrate the outstanding efforts and achievements of Maritime professionals. Companies and individuals are awarded for best practices and excellence in all aspects of the Maritime industry.

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception is an exciting evening event for all attendees of the 4th International Green & Smart Shipping Summit. The special occasion will provide extended networking opportunities, allowing to continue conversations about the day’s presentations, meet new people and create lasting connections with key maritime industry professionals in a relaxed, informal environment. With the next level opportunity to have more time for quality networking, the Cocktail Reception is a must-attend feature of the Summit.

The Greenest Shipowner

Awarded to a company which has shown excellence in reducing the negative impact on the environment in the operation of its fleet in the past year.

The Most Sustainable Port

Presented for the implementation of sustainability initiatives and adherence to regulations and environmental standards that help to diminish harmful emissions.

The Most Extraordinary Contribution to HSSE

Awarded to a company that has exhibited the most outstanding advancement in Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) performance.

Maritime Digital Solution

Given for services and initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to advancing and improving digital operations in maritime, ensuring efficiency and safety.

The Greenest Innovation

Presented for outstanding innovation and the creative use of modern technology in shipping that propels the industry into a cleaner and greener future.

The Greenest Service Provider

Given for the best sustainable solutions in maritime. The Award recognises the services that meet the highest standard of green shipping operations.


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